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It is almost certain that you will have a salesforce that is lacking effective leadership, this leads to underperformance and loss of control of an expensive business development resource. Our solutions at SalesVision focus on 3 key areas.

eye-icon-websiteDriving Accountability


Are your sales teams working hard for you? Do you believe them to be accountable for their actions?

As a manager you must stay in touch with your people, encourage them to strive further and to give them credit where it is due. With a little creativity you will have the opportunity to increase sales productivity and job performance, whilst maintaining a positive work environment.

Set an example to your sales team, set challenging but realistic sales goals, help your staff improve their skills, be firm and consistent with discipline when needed, you will find your team become more accountable for the work they do.

The benefit to you will be increased sales performance and the benefit to your sales team is that it will inspire individual accomplishment


 Team Development


Remember your people are your greatest asset! How can you ensure you attract the right sales people and then keep them motivated? Certainly rewarding them financially for their effort and results is clear but you must also look provide a structured development program for the whole team, this should include:

  • Company, market, product and sales training
  • Monitoring & developing their customer contact skills
  • Carrying out individual coaching to build confidence & expertise
  • Holding regular (quarterly) performance appraisals
  • Team building exercises, an ideal time to bring internal and external teams together – REMEMBER IT’S ONE TEAM, not “them and us” as so often seems to be the case

eye-icon-website Sales Strategy


Without a sales strategy you are likely to fail, you need to have measureable objectives and targets which will help you to identify and take advantage of the best opportunities. Your sales strategy needs to be based on your business and marketing plans.

As part of our review process we will look at the best approach to

  • Delivering marketing objectives
  • Targeting market segments
  • Supporting marketing activities
  • Establishing client needs and buying criteria
  • Generating profitable business
  • Developing more business with existing clients
  • Preparing sales forecast
  • Preparing sales budget
  • Organising & supporting your sales team
  • Measuring performance

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