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New Business Development

Whether you are an established organisation or a start up new business development is paramount to the success of your company.

New Business Development by traditional definition is seen as the action of growing an organisation and to achieve this growth we need to ask ourselves; how to find, reach and approach clients and how to make and keep them satisfied.

SalesVision will work closely with you to

  • Prospect for potential clients
  • Build a pipeline
  • Build a business relationship
  • Present products and services
  • Identify specific opportunities for campaigns, products and distribution channel
  • Close the deal

All of which will lead to an increase in sales


eye-icon-website Sales Systems

A key attribute for many sales people is attitude and enthusiasm, so to keep your sales team motivated ensure they have the right tools and provide them with the appropriate sales material.

Create a set of standard documents such as call sheets, standard contracts, visit reports and proposal forms

Provide promotional material such as brochures, company presentations, price lists, case studies and testimonials from satisfied customers

Give support documentation such as telesales scripts and crib sheets

A good database is essential, and make sure it is cleaned periodically, if it holds old data or is inaccurate you will soon have a de-motivated sales team. With a CRM system in place it will enable you to track prospects and customers alike and prompt you to take action.


eye-icon-website Account Retention

It goes without saying that once you have gained the trust of an account and a buying pattern is established you can expect business to flow.

This is a comforting feeling but we must not become lulled into a false sense of security, you must keep in close contact with your account, updating them on new developments and any market changes. Remember any competition worth their salt will be “knocking on the door” just waiting for an opportunity to get in front of the client.

Also at SalesVision we have spoken to a number of organisations about “up selling” and “cross selling” not only in an attempt to retain these accounts but also to provide a route to increased sales.


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