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The key to sales in bite sized chunks

As a small business owner you have to wear many hats; Finance, Technical, Marketing & Sales, “oh yes Sales” not a role you had in mind when you set your company up and probably not a role that you feel particularly comfortable in.

So what are your options? Well you could look at bringing a sales person on board but can you afford the cost both in terms of time to read CV’s and go through the interview process as well as the financial element covering agency fees as well as salary, car, mobile, laptop etc. Ouch maybe not such a good idea at this point in time.

The answer however is here at SalesVision, we can offer you an experienced sales resource packaged to suit your needs, providing a flexible, cost effective “pay-as-you-need” service, enabling you to spend the time running the business and at the same time achieving your sales goals.

There are a number of areas in which we can provide this flexible sales function

eye-icon-websiteShort term sales support (package 1)

Event Support, such as exhibitions

Campaign Follow-up, making sure those leads generated do not go cold

Product launches, providing sales support to maximise contact time with prospects/clients attending the launch

eye-icon-websiteInvestigating new opportunities (package 2)

Gap Analysis – Getting feedback from your clients to identify gaps in your product portfolio which will then help you to increase sales with existing customers

Competitive Analysis – Gain knowledge of your competition and their products which will help you to position yourselves with prospects

Prospect Profiling – Building a profile of your customers will enable you to search out similar organisations who, by the nature of commonality will be ideal prospects to sell to.

eye-icon-websitePlanning the sales process (package 3)

Referrals – A valuable asset to any sales person in any industry, what better than having a “new prospect” becoming a “warm lead” through a referral. Studies have shown that you are 6 times more likely to gain a sale from a referral than if you make a cold call. So let’s get talking to your existing clients and get those referrals.

SWOT Analysis – With any organisation, big or small it is important to assess their strengths, weaknesses, business opportunities and threats through carrying out a SWOT analysis, it will provide you with a powerful insight into the potential issues which can affect your business going forward.

Sales Process Review – We will sit down with you and develop a clear and well defined sales process and integrate it into your sales operation which in turn will aid in:

    • targeting your prospects
    • qualifying sales leads
    • presenting features and benefits in an effective way
    • effectively cross selling and up-selling
    • selling value and discounting less
    • introducing new products or services.

Without this process you are likely to measurably underperform in these areas, so let’s get talking..

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