The school holidays will soon be upon us and I’m sure many of you are looking forward to a well earned break. However, from a business perspective it can be a time of concern for many as they see those sales figures drop which can have a huge impact on your next quarter’s cash flow. So why don’t you take action using the following 5 tips to maximise sales, all of which should be part of the sales process but usually end up down the priority list or forgotten altogether.

1. Try and make contact with those who have been difficult to reach, the holiday period can be a good time as they may not be quite so busy or indeed they may be in the office providing holiday cover. So go on, give it a try – get those allusive appointments.

a) Make a list at the beginning of each week outlining all the contacts you want to make and keep a running record of your success b) Make every Friday afternoon your diarised follow up day. If you develop the habit during the summer months, it will stay with you through the year.

2. Review your spending (active) clients – are you getting the most from these accounts? It’s amazing how many of these accounts could be buying other products and services you offer.

a) A great way to get your complete range of products or services in front of busy buyers and customers is to send out surveys asking them for comments on the current products & services they buy from you and offering a special offer for trying new products or services. A testimonial and sale with one piece of marketing!!

3. Review non spending (inactive) clients – spend time getting back in contact with these companies. Why did they stop buying from your company? Simply asking this powerful question can get you quick results and valuable feedback. Things may have changed perhaps a new buyer has been employed or there may be issues with their current supplier, you may not have been the sales person responsible for this account when the business was lost, it’s amazing a change of personality could be all it needs, any of these scenarios could reopen that door for you. Remember just because this company stopped buying from you 6-12 months ago does not mean that they will not NOW!!!

4. Spend time reviewing your territory, perhaps new companies have set up in your area – any opportunity to find New Business, let’s go for it!!!

5. When was the last time you checked out your competition? May be they have just released a new product, opened a new plant or office, or conversely are downsizing – the more you know about the competition the better prepared you will be.

If you have found these actions useful then you can get more sales snippets by downloading our Top 9 Sales Tips by clicking the link below.

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