Why do we want to do this?

It will save valuable time both for the customer and you which will enable you to see more prospects and ultimately increase your sales revenues.  Sounds good doesn’t it, so how can we achieve this.

Build the relationship

Learn as much about the company as you can before the meeting, today with the internet this is so much easier to do. There may even be information about the person you are going to meet, they have just recently been promoted into the role or they’ve written an article which you could comment on.

Prepare for the meeting

Think about what you want from the meeting, in all probability you will not be in a position to ask for the order on this first call but you must look for some kind of advancement, perhaps setting a date for the next meeting or getting agreement from the client for them to take some action. What you do not want is to come away from this meeting with some promise of a meeting sometime in the future if you do this you will leave the door open to the competition.

Ask probing questions

Remember to ask probing questions, if in doubt write them down so you make sure none are forgotten there is nothing worse than coming away from a meeting to realise you had not asked a particular question, it is so easy to get side tracked during conversations so better to be prepared.

Think about the clients expectations

We mentioned earlier about what we want from the meeting but we must also think about the client, what are their expectations. Don’t forget the client or prospect is investing time to meet you, make sure they are able to see value in this meeting. Let the client talk about his current situation, listen to what he has to say and listen to the answers when you ask those probing questions. Only when you have this information can you start to formulate a solution to the client’s needs.

The buyer’s perspective

Also the customer may have questions about your company or the solution/product/service you are offering these may be shown as real concerns so be prepared to answer what are sometimes those awkward “I wish he hadn’t asked me that” questions. Be open and honest, if you are unable to answer a question say so, don’t try and blag your way out. Commit to getting back to him with the answer in an agreed time frame remember you are looking to build credibility with the client, in order to do business he needs to trust you.

Now what do you do………..

How about asking for the order! Yes the client will be expecting you to ask for the order, don’t be like many salespeople in the land who do not ask for the order for fear of rejection… Happy Selling!!!

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