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Sales Pipeline Stages – The nuts and bolts

Trevor Holloway

13th Jan, 2014

Closing the Sale, Sales objectives



Understanding your sales pipeline stages gives your business control of what future revenues you are able to accurately forecast.  This helps sales reps report accurately as to the stage a prospect is really at.  These sales pipeline stages can be presented is graph form.

A visual representation that will help you…

Ever wanted to shorten the sales cycle?

Trevor Holloway

30th Apr, 2013

Closing the Sale


Why do we want to do this?

It will save valuable time both for the customer and you which will enable you to see more prospects and ultimately increase your sales revenues.  Sounds good doesn’t it, so how can we achieve this.

Build the relationship

Learn as much about the company as you can before the meeting, today with the internet this is so much easier to do. There may even be information about the person you…

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